Client-server instructions

SLDR multi-tier infrastructure is a basic framework for responding to distributed content search launched from portals and search engines. We hope to expand it to the specifications of CLARIN's European demo case.

On this page,

Queries specific to a single item

Example of index.php code selecting several languages:

$l = '';
if(isset($_GET['lang']) AND $_GET['lang'] != '')
        $l = $_GET['lang'];
else {
        $lngnav = $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'];
        if(is_integer(strpos($lngnav,'fr'))) $l="fr";
        else if(is_integer(strpos($lngnav,'en'))) $l="en";
        else $l="fr";
$name = "index-".$l.".html";


Downloading/displaying specific files contained in an item (controlled access) (controlled access)*/stream/ssss

Queries generic to the site*/lg*/lg*/lg*/lg*/lg

Menu items*/lg*/lg*/lg*/lg*/lg

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