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User's licence — version 1


The aim of this licence is to guarantee:

  1. the undividedness of data distributed by SLDR;
  2. the follow-up of its utilisation for the benefit of its producers.

Terms of the licence

When downloading a corpus, a linguistic resource or a tool (hereafter designated as “the resource”) from the SLDR website, the recipient undertakes solemnly:

  1. not to share the resource with third persons; the distribution shall be restricted to personal downloading from the SLDR website after agreeing with the present licence;
  2. to specify the origin of the resource (using the unique identifier “sldrxxxxxx”) in any publication or application based on this resource, including non-commercial, and to insert the bibliographical references of publications listed on the resource’s description record, if any;
  3. to keep SLDR informed about this publication or application; particulars shall be entered in the user’s space (following links “Submit —> Publication”);
  4. to keep SLDR informed about any upgrade of this ressource and share it with the scientific community, via SLDR, in agreement with the producer(s) of the resource.

sldr上传者的特定许可协议 — version 1

我谨宣告以下 :

  1. 在sldr协议的条件下,我拥有所有权利分享上传的项目叙述本通知在此条款 ;
  2. 我会完全负责对违反知识产权或隐私资料的行为 ;
  3. 我授权给sldr把我的联系地址发给任何人或机构的合法性对这一违反知识产权或隐私资料的行为的挑战.
  4. I grant SLDR the right to stop distributing my deposit(s) when anticipating a dispute on property rights or if my contact address is no longer valid.

A note on Creative Commons licenses

Options 'nc' (non-commercial) and 'nd' (no-derivatives) of CC licenses render the ressource ineligible for "Open data" qualification.
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